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#75: How can I map/unmap the network disk in run-time?

Sometimes in run-time you must map/unmap the some remote resource. You can make it with the next code:

uses Windows;

var nw: TNetResource;
  nw.lpLocalName := nil;
  nw.lpRemoteName := PChar('\\yourServerName\yourDiskOnServer');
  nw.lpProvider := nil;
  errCode := WNetAddConnection2(nw, nil, nil, 0);
  if errCode = NO_ERROR then
  <Ok, disk mapped>

If the remote server have the password, then you must call the

errCode := WNetAddConnection2(nw, 'strPassword', nil, 0);

If you want to map this disk as own local resource, you must define the lpLocalName. For example,

nw.lpLocalName := 'F:';

When you want to un-map resource, you must call the WNetCancelConnection2 procedure.

Published: May 4, 2000

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