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#86: How can I register the file extention with own application and context menu, linked to this ext?

In the next example will be registered the file extention (.newext) - files of this type will open using MyApp.Exe application. Also will be registered the one default action and two additional items in context menu, assigned
with this file extention.


  Windows, Registry;

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  with TRegIniFile.Create('') do
      RootKey := HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT;
      WriteString('.newext', '', 'NewExt');
      WriteString('NewExt', '', 'Your description of NewExt files');
      WriteString('NewExt\DefaultIcon', '', 'C:\MyApp.Exe,0');
      WriteString('NewExt\Shell', '', 'This_Is_Our_Default_Action');
      WriteString('NewExt\Shell\First_Action', '','This is our first action');
      WriteString('NewExt\Shell\First_Action\command', '', 'C:\MyApp.Exe /LotsOfParamaters %1');
      WriteString('NewExt\Shell\This_Is_Our_Default_Action', '', 'This is our default action');
      WriteString('NewExt\Shell\This_Is_Our_Default_Action\command', '', 'C:\MyApp.Exe %1');
      WriteString('NewExt\Shell\Second_Action', '', 'This is our second action');
      WriteString('NewExt\Shell\Second_Action\command', '', 'C:\MyApp.Exe /TonsOfParameters %1');

Published: June 20, 2000

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