Fast Document Viewer v2.0
direct viewer for documents (MS Word, Word Perfect, Open Office, MS Write, RTF), spreadsheets (MS Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 , QuattroPro) and databases (Paradox, xBase, DBISAM, Advantage), email messages

This tool allow to read/open the next file formats on the any computer:

document formats documents spreadsheet formats spreadsheets table formats databases picture formats pictures emails emails
  • MS Word documents
  • MS Write files
  • Open Office text documents
  • Corel Word perfect documents
  • Acrobat Reader documents (PDF)
  • Rich Edit files
  • email messages (MSG, EML)
  • FictionBook/e-books (FB2)
  • Text files
  • MS Excel workbooks and spreadsheets
  • Open Office spreadsheets
  • Lotus 1-2-3 and Symphony spreadsheets
  • Quattro Pro spreadsheets
  • Paradox tables
  • dBase/Clipper/FoxPro tables
  • DBISAM tables
  • Advantage database
  • bitmap, metafiles
  • jpeg and GIF
  • PNG and EPS
  • Photoshop files
  • Outlook messages
  • eml-files
  • MHTML Documents

An application don't use any external libraries (no MS Office, no BDE, no ODBC, no ADO etc) and you may run this tool on computer without any additional setup/install.

You may view the data contents from any sheet in xls-file or view the document body in doc-file. Summary information (author, created by, revision number, edit time etc) is available too.

All versions/formats of files supported. Far-East and Middle-East languages could be loaded too

Now MS Word 12 and MS Excel 12 files from MS Office 2007/2010/2013/2016 supported too.


You may use this version free-of-charge for 30 days only. If after 30 days you would like to continue using it, then you should purchase a license.

  Protocol Filename Type Size Updated
HTTP ZIP 780Kb June 21, 2022
FTP ZIP 780Kb June 21, 2022

The trial version have the next demo limitations:

After license purchase and activation of registered version (using personal serial number) the any limitations will be removed.


Products can be ordered online over the Internet using VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit card, Toll Free Phone, 24 Hour Fax, or Postal Mail at following sites:


License fee
Quantity Cost per unit
1 license 20 Euro

site license contact to sales
OEM, resale contact to sales

* one license allow to work with this software on one computer only (one person). You need as many licenses as the computers wherein our product will be installed and/or used.
** all prices are presented in US dollars but some registration service have a multi-currency payment system with automatical conversion into local currency (for example, in euros for Europe)

License types

  1. one license allows to install and use our product on one computer (one person) only
  2. Site license: you can install and use our product on an unlimited number of computers in one domain.

Please note that we can issue a single-user license to a person name only. If you wish your license to be issued to an organization name, you should buy either a multi-user license or several single-user licenses.

What you get when you register

text document preview
to view the text from document (MS Word)

read spreadsheet text
to view the sheets in workbook (MS Excel)

summary information
to view the summary information in document

database table view
to view the records in dBase table

picture and image view mode
to view the image/picture


TopShareware: TOP score of 5-star Sofotex: 5 star rating SoftForAll: 5 stars FreeTrialSoft: 5 of 5 points FreeTrialSoft: Editor's choice Download2You: 5 of 5 points Download3000: 5 stars OneKit: 5 of 5 points BrotherSoft: a rating 5 out of 5 SharewareConnection: 5 Stars! IT Shareware: 5 Star Rating Softjamboree 5 stars Outstanding 5/5 Editors Choice 5 stars Editor's choice 5 stars

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