SMBevel component

Inherited from TBevel class with the extended features.

Additionally to standard styles is able to display simple lines (not raised and not lowered).

New figures also are added: diagonal lines and beautiful in-out frame. Any line can contain to display an arrow (a few different styles, sizes and place).

11K Last updated: December 03, 1998
D3-7, CB3-6 Freeware (with sources): SMBevel.Zip

TSMBevel - 13153 bytes

Except standart Styles (mbsLowered, mbsRaised) I add a new style mbsNone - usual line or triangle
Except standart Shapes (mbsBox, mbsBoxIn, mbsFrame, mbsTopLine, mbsBottomLine, mbsLeftLine, mbsRightLine) I add a new shapes:
mbsBoxIn - beautiful frame
mbsTopLeftLine - diagonal right-to-left line
mbsTopRightLine - diagonal left-to-right line

For all line types you can define an "arrow" mode (if Style not in [mbsBox, mbsBoxIn, mbsFrame]):
1. property Arrow:
smaFinish - arrow on end line
smaStart - arrow on start line
smaNone - arrow not available
2. property ArrowType:
atOutline - drawing a arrow contour only
atSolid - drawing a fill arrow
3. property ArrowAngle - angle of the arrow deviation from main line (in degrees)
4. property ArrowLength - length of oblique side

PS By Tommy Dillard request (
1. added two properties TopColor/BottomColor - colors for Raised/Lowered lines
2. fixed error: not properly drawed an arrow in case with Arrow = smaFinish and Shape = mbsTopRightLine

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