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The successor TDBGrid with the extended features. Is able to display multiline wordwrap column titles, checkboxs for boolean fields, a convenient select of records from the keyboard and mouse via checkboxs, extanded Indicator column, fixing of columns, an opportunity to exclude insert and delete of records in the DBGrid, own standard PopupMenu, save/restore of a column states, processing of additional events etc. Multilanguage resources.
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D3-D2005, CB3-6, BDS2006/2007/2009/2010/XE/XE2/XE3/XE4/XE5/XE6/XE7/XE8, RAD Studio 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo, 10.3 Rio, 10.4 Sydney, 11 Alexandria, 12 Athens Freeware (with sources):
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TSMDBGrid 28199 bytes

movement from column to column by ENTER key (like TAB)
multiline wordwrap column titles (partly is transfered from TBitDBGrid - Ilya Andreev,
record selection using the standard checkbox
editing of boolean fields like checkbox
glyphs in Indicator column and user Indicator width
own PopUp menu with standard items (Add/Edit/Delete record, Print/Export data, Save/Cancel changes, Refresh data, Select/UnSelect records, Save/Restore layout, Setup). Using like window system menu!
fixing of the few columns in horizontal scrolling. Also you can fix it but draw as normal columns
drawing a pictures in cells for graphic fields
visible elipsis and dropdown buttons for each record (for Lookup-fields, PickLists etc) (thank to Naohiro Fukuda [] for idea and sources)
a convenient select of records from keyboard (is transfered from TRXDBGrid)
an opportunity to exclude insert and delete of records in the SMDBGrid
save and restore of the column layout in the registry (column order, width, color etc).
to delete the all selected records
Refresh of the data in SMDBGrid (useful for TQuery because Refresh correctly works only for TTable)
processing of events by pressing on column title (is transfered from TRXDBGrid)
ability of display of the MEMO/BLOB/PICTURE-fields as Bitmap (is transfered from TRXDBGrid)
lowered draw of the current selected column (like grid in 1C-accounting)
to easily display bitmaps in cells based upon any data
display hints for each cells (if cell text is cutted by column width). This procedure is transfered from TBitDBGrid - Ilya Andreev,, FIDONet: 2:5030/55.28 AKA 2:5030/402.17
opportunity to assign of new events: OnAppendRecord, OnEditRecord, OnDeleteRecord, OnPrintData, OnExportData, OnSetupGrid
event for column title drawing (standard TDBGrid component have the event for data cell drawing only)
BiDiMode support for middle-east and far-east users
Windows XP theme support

all VCL styles supported (for Delphi 2010 and higher)

Data grouping support

Column bands hierarchy


Glyphs in indicator column and in any column

Gradients (titles, footers, wallpaper etc)

Filter for columns (QBE mode)

Title and/or cell word-wrap

VCL styles

SMDBGrid in Amakrits VCL style

SMDBGrid in Metropolis UI Green VCL style



PS: in archive there are English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Japan, Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish Mexican, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech Slovak, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian, Sweden, Chinese (Traditional BIG5 and Simplified), Indonesian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic and Farsi resources (file SMCnst.PAS).
If anybody want to send a native resources, then I'll include it in the next build.

Thanks to native translators:

I want to thank Naohiro Fukuda (, Mark Loughnan ( and Remy (, due to which in TSMDBGrid there was much less errors and bugs and for their sentences on improverment a component.



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