SMScriptExecutor component

This is a wrapper for MS Script Control which allow to execute any script for VBScript, JavaScript languages (and any other registered language).
250K Last updated: July 29, 2004
D3-D2005, CB3-6, BDS2006/2007/2009/2010/XE/XE2/XE3/XE4/XE5/XE6/XE7/XE8 Freeware (with sources):

MS ScriptControl: must be installed on Win 98, ME and NT 4.0 (in MS Windows 2000 and MS Windows XP is installed by default)

TSMScript 16426 bytes


For example, if you have the script function in VB-script and want to retrieve a result in delphi, you may do it so:

  dbl: Double;
  dbl := yourTSMScriptExecutor.Run('Area', 15, 3);

where function body is:

Function Area(Length As Double, Width As Double)
    Area = Length * Width
End Function


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