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#114: How can I load a file list by some wildcard?

After small delay with tip posting I want to continue this important task:-)

Today I'll post a small sample which show how you can receive a list of files from some specific directory by some custom wildcard. For example, to load in listbox the bmp-files from Windows directory.

procedure LoadFilesByMask(lst: TStrings; const SpecDir, WildCard: string);
  intFound: Integer;
  SearchRec: TSearchRec;
  intFound := FindFirst(SpecDir + WildCard, faAnyFile, SearchRec);
  while intFound = 0 do
    lst.Add(SpecDir + SearchRec.Name);
    intFound := FindNext(SearchRec);

For example, to load bmp-files from application folder:
LoadFilesByMask(lbFiles.Items, ExtractFilePath(Application.ExeName), '*.bmp')

Published: February 2, 2001

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