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#140: How can I define a custom icon for some folder?

In MS Windows you can define any custom icon for desired folder instead default icon (yellow folder picture). Also you can define own string description which will be displayed in Explorer application.

To do it is very easy task:
1. you must create a desktop.ini file with special structure:
InfoTip=your description text

2. you must set a System flag to attributes of your folder

A first part is solved in Delphi in a few lines of code:

with TINIFile.Create(yourFolderName + '\desktop.ini') do
    WriteString('.ShellClassInfo', 'IconFile', 'yourFileWithIco.ico');
    WriteString('.ShellClassInfo', 'IconIndex', '0'); //icon index
    WriteString('.ShellClassInfo', 'InfoTip', 'your description text');
    {flush a buffered INI-file to disk}

A second (to set a system attribute) is not hard too:
SetFileAttributes(PChar(yourFolderName), FILE_ATTRIBUTE_SYSTEM);

Published: May 20, 2002

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