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#133: How can I read native text of current locale?

Sometimes in application we want to show a text with description of current used locale.
For example, "english", "russian", "ukrainian", "chinese" etc

For this task you can use VerLanguageName function from Windows API:

  ID: LangID;
  LanguageName: array[0..255] of Char;
  {read current system locale}
  ID := GetSystemDefaultLangID;

  {convert an ID into text}
  VerLanguageName(ID, LanguageName, SizeOf(LanguageName));


Of course, you can expand this code and to translate a locale as parameter

For example, if ID is $419, you'll receive a "russian". For $$0A - the "Spanish (Traditional Sort)", for $0C0C - the "French (Canadian)", for $407 - "German (Standard)" etc

Especially it is usefully when you'll retrieve an information from file (see GetFileVersionInfo/VerQueryValue functions or my freeware TSMVersionInfo component) or in some install tools.


  1. if ID is incorrect, you'll receive an "Language Neutral" as result
  2. text in result will be translated in the current language. I mean that text will be not in English if you have localized version of MS Windows

Published: November 28, 2001

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