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Category: Files, drives, network

#31: to detect a drive type
How can I detect a drive type?

#46: to read a date/time of file
How can I read a date/time of file's creation?

#50: to execute a program and wait a result
How can I execute a program and have my code wait until it is finished?

#55: to get a serial number of a disk
How can I get the serial number of a disk?

#58: to accept the dropped files
How can I accept the dropped files from Windows Explorer?

#66: file in use or not
Is a file in use or not?

#75: to map/unmap a network disk
How can I map/unmap the network disk in run-time?

#84: to load the icons from external dll/exe
How can I load the icons from external dll/exe?

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