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#83: How I can open a report (in Print Preview mode and also print direct) in an MS Access database?

In the next small example I'll demonstrate how you can call the report in MS Access:

  Access: Variant; 
  {open the Access application}
    Access := GetActiveOleObject('Access.Application'); 
    Access := CreateOleObject('Access.Application'); 
  Access.Visible := True; 

  { open the database 
   The second parameter specifies whether you want to open the 
   database in Exclusive mode}
  Access.OpenCurrentDatabase('C:\My Documents\Books.mdb', True); 

  { open the report 
   The value for the second parameter should be one of 
   acViewDesign, acViewNormal, or acViewPreview. acViewNormal, which is the
   default, prints the report immediately. If you are not using the type
   library, you can define these values like this: 

    acViewNormal = $00000000; 
    acViewDesign = $00000001; 
    acViewPreview = $00000002; 

  The third parameter is for the name of a query in the current 
  database. The fourth parameter is for a SQL WHERE clause - the string must
  be valid SQL, minus the WHERE.} 
  Access.DoCmd.OpenReport('Titles by Author', acViewPreview, EmptyParam, EmptyParam); 

  {close the database}

  {close the Access application}
    acQuitPrompt = $00000000; 
    acQuitSaveAll = $00000001; 
    acQuitSaveNone = $00000002;} 

Published: June 1, 2000

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