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SMReport Designer
provide your end-users with run-time report designer!

Powerful, fast and native   Hierarchical object list
SMReport is a set of native VCL components which do not require any external libraries.

By implementing SMReport within your application you and your end-users will instantly have available a powerful tool for the creation of reports, lists, labels, forms etc... Just some of the features of the product are:

  • friendly interface
  • run-time designer
  • drag'n'drop functionality
  • customized preview dialog with zooming and magnifier capability
  • report wizards
  • wide report designing
  • conditional highlighting of variables and fields
  • unlimited data grouping
  • variables can be calculated on-the-fly (sum/count/average etc)
  • user variables for custom formulas
  • stretching feature
  • restrictions for end-users action (disable/enable the control change)
  • reports can be exported in many different formats including HTML, XML, PDF, CSV, Text, MS Excel, RTF, TIFF/bitmap/metafile and more
  • exposed interfaces to the report engine allow developers to add new printable controls (flow charts, for example) and export filters
  • multilingual interface
  In the SMReport Explorer you can see hierarchical structure of your report (bands and controls), the dataset structure with field list, and system and custom variables/parameters.

Using drag'n'drop you can quickly and easily re-order controls or create a new control - just drop a desired field or variable onto your report band in the designer. A new control will be automatically created and any required information will be filled from field/variable properties.

Database independence   Custom report forms
You can use any data as the source for your reports. Developers have full control over which variables, fields and other data are made available in the report designer. No external database connections are needed - you use current result set as the source for your report.

Any TDataset-compatible component can be used with our report engine, allowing you to report against BDE, ADO, dbExpress, DAO, Direct Oracle Access, DBISAM, IBX, Apollo, Advantage, Flash Filer, and more.

  The developer and/or end-user can create any required report form:
  • Report and Lists
    You can create any report with data grouping, calculations, shapes, images, charts, barcodes etc
  • Labels
    You can print address or product labels in a few seconds. Many types of barcode are supported (postal, for example) and graphics can be printed - there are no limitations
  • Forms
    You can create and complete forms of any kind: tax forms, cheques or any other official documents...
  • Grids/Tables
    You can create and print a grid/table with your data. Horizontal or vertical grid lines are printed.
  • Master/Detail
    You can generate reports using a Master/Detail relationship. Unlimited data grouping is possible, too.
  • Menus/Covers
    You can print any restourant's menu or CD cover with extended graphics, automatic frames, backgrounds/watermarks - the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

You can freely design the layout of your report - size, distance, spaces, horizontal/vertical alignment, transparency etc.

Wide reports can be designed, previewed and printed with automatic sheet/bar creation like in MS Excel (without any additional programming or designing).

System & user variables   Unlimited group levels
You can use variables as the source for text printing, control highlighting, group expressions etc You can define any own complex formula or simple text description and use it throughtout the entire project.

You can calculate subtotals (per group, particular page or entire report) or use variables as condition for highlighting individual report areas (for example, to print in any debit debit amounts in red).

Within any expression you can use operators, system variables and custom variables in any combination.

Any complex custom formula can be saved as a user variable and can be used repeatedly in any part of your report.

The Expression Builder provides a user-friendly way of quickly and easily creating complex expressions.

More than 50 predefined functions are provided in 6 categories. Short description and parameter list are available for every function.

Any custom variable you create can be provided with short hint and description.

  You can create any number of levels of data grouping and define any custom condition for the display and processing of any group.

Every group header and footer can contain printable controls which can be reprinted on each new page.

Group conditions can use any expression built from the list of available system or custom functions.

Object Inspector   To collapse/expand bands
Whilst designing reports the developer or end-user can use the powerful built-in Object Inspector to access the properties of any control.

Any complex properties (with sub-properties) are available at any level in tree.
Custom editors allow easy editing of any property value (color selector, picture editor, memo editor, font editor etc)

  The SMReport Visual Report Designer supports the display of report bands as a tree in which you can collapse (hide) or expand (show) any band in the report.

Any child controls on the report band will be hidden or shown automatically.


Download (last updated: November 20, 2022)

RAD Studio 12 Athens packages v1.96 3.3Mb
RAD Studio 11 Alexandria packages v1.96 3.3Mb
RAD Studio 10 Seattle/10.1 Berlin/10.2 Tokyo/10.3 Rio/10.4 Sydney packages v1.96 11.4Mb
RAD Studio XE6/XE8 packages v1.96 5.2Mb
RAD Studio XE5 package v1.96 3.2Mb
RAD Studio XE4 package v1.96 3.3Mb
RAD Studio XE3 package v1.96 3.3Mb
RAD Studio XE2 package v1.96 4.5Mb
RAD Studio XE package v1.96 3Mb
RAD Studio 2009 package v1.96 (Delphi and C++Builder) 1.5Mb
BDS2006 package v1.96 (Delphi and C++Builder) 1.6Mb
Delphi 2005 package v1.94 1.0Mb
Delphi 3/4/5/6/7 packages v1.90 +demo (src) 3.8Mb
C++Builder 3/4/5/6 packages v1.90+demo (src) 5.1Mb
Full suite v1.90 (Delphi/C++Builder/demos) 9.1Mb
Compiled demo applications (Delphi/C++Builder) 2.2Mb
Viewer for SRP-file (integrated with Windows Explorer) 200Kb
Quick Report to SMReport convertor 450Kb  
Help file for end-users 45Kb  

You may use the shareware trial version for 30 days with Delphi IDE running only.
If after 30 days you would like to continue using it, then you should purchase a license.
PS: the trial version prints the report name on each page and works with Delphi/C++Builder IDE running only.


  License fee is Online order
SMReport Autogenerated with sources 75 EUR ShareIt
SMReport Autogenerated without sources 50 EUR ShareIt
SMReport Designer with sources 150 EUR ShareIt
SMReport Designer without sources 75 EUR ShareIt

* Royalty Free - you can distribute your own applications absolutely free without any additional hidden fees being payable
** A single license allows one developer to work with this component suite on one computer only. You will need as many licenses as there are developers who will use the components
*** A site license will allow to an unlimited number of developers to use these components within your company. The license fee is five times the single licence fee.
**** The SMReport Designer license includes the Autogenerated suite and does not require an additional license


You can read about registration and order methods on order page.

Install instructions


If you've downloaded self-installed EXE file:   If you've downloaded ZIP file:
1) Run it
2) Follow setup program instructions
3) Read readme file
4) Run Delphi or C++Builder
5) Select a Install packages... item in Component menu
6) Press an Add button and select a package file (SMR.DPL for D3, SMR.BPL for D4-7 and CB3-6) in installed directory
7) Press a Ok button
8) Enjoy it. In palette on SMReport page you can find the new installed components
1) Unzip it to a created folder
2) Run Delphi or C++Builder
3) Select a Install packages... item in Component menu
4) Press an Add button and select a package file (SMR.DPL for D3, SMR.BPL for D4-7 and CB3-6) in installed directory
5) Press a Ok button
6) Enjoy it. In palette on SMReport page you can find the new installed components

PS: if you want to work with TSMPrintDecisionGrid component, you must repeat the install step for SMRExt package.



Designer window

Preview form

Report Wizard

Report properties


Report export filters

Band editor

Label editor

Expression editor

Image editor

Shape editor

Barcode editor

Expression Builder

Format Builder

Hightlight conditions

Text search in generated report

(click on image to enlarge)

SMReport Designer vs Autogenerated. Comparision



  Designer Autogenerated
designer for report forms
  • design-time IDE
  • run-time application
wizard for report forms -
preview mode
  • standard
  • custom form
wide report printing
export into
  • text
  • metafile
  • HTML
  • XML
  • MS Excel
  • Lotus 1-2-3
  • QuattroPro
  • RTF
  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • Bitmaps
multilingual support
composite reports
expression evaluator
Visual Expression Builder
auto-reports (Autogenerated part)
  • from dataset
  • from DBGrid
  • from StringGrid
  • from ListView
  • from DecisionCube
  • from text file

Try the SMReport Designer before you buy it.

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