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#101: How can I switch in run-time the state of NumLock, CapsLock, ScrollLock keys?

In the development of some programs you needs to switch a state of NumLock, CapsLock or ScrollLock in run-time. For example, you can flash these keys for showing of current status of your program (notification about new message or succesful file downloading) or use the lamps of these keys with melody playback:))

The solution is easy - view a source:

  KeyState: TKeyboardState;
  {read a current state of keys}

  {swich a CapsLock key}
  KeyState[020] := KeyState[020] xor 1;

  {swich a NumLock key}
  KeyState[144] := KS[144] xor 1; //Num Lock

  {swich a ScrollLock key}
  KeyState[145] := KeyState[145] xor 1; //Scroll Lock

  {set a modified states}

For example, you can call this code in some cycle. For some task is very useful.

Published: October 12, 2000

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