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#117: How can I select a recipient from addressbook?

Today I want to post a tip about copying of recipients from default addressbook. For example, user must select a list of recipients and you'll process this list in own code (to send a message to these recipients or just import them into own database).

For this task you can use the MAPIAddress procedure from MAPI. This procedure requires a handle of current session (which you'll receive from MAPILogOn procedure), custom caption of dialog, structure for recepient attributes and variable where you'll receive a number of selected recipients.

If MSPIAddress returns SUCCESS_SUCCESS, this mean that user closed a dialog and selected some recipients. After that you must navigater by recipient structure (which you defined as parameter) and process the each recipient.

For example:

  lpRecip: TMapiRecipDesc;
  intRecips: ULONG;
  lpRecips: PMapiRecipDesc;
  i: Integer;
  if (MAPIAddress(intMAPISession, 0, 'Select the recipients', 4, '', 0, lpRecip, 0, 0, @intRecips, lpRecips) = SUCCESS_SUCCESS) then
    for i := 0 to intRecips-1 do
      yourListBox.Items.Add(PMapiRecipDesc(PChar(lpRecips) + i*SizeOf(TMapiRecipDesc))^.lpszAddress);

where intMAPISession is an integer varaiable wchich store the handle of current MAPI session. If you don't use the MapiLogOn which return this handle, just place a zero value there:
intMAPISession := 0;

I hope that this tip will help you and save some time. At least when I wrote (in October 2000) this code for own GroupMail, I spent a lot of time for correct work without errors:-)

Published: February 20, 2001

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