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#123: How can I retrieve and save the attachments from MS Outlook message?

I want to continue the postings about MS Outlook programming in Borland Delphi.
Today I want to show how you can recieve a list of files in attachment for any message and save some from these attachments to disk:

Each message have the Attachments collection which contains a list of files. As usual collection, the Attachments property have the Count property where you can read a number of files and access to each file using Item method.

For example, in code below you'll see how to add in TListView component the rows for each attachment file:

for i := 1 to itemOL.Attachments.Count do
  with lvAttachments.Items.Add do
    Caption := itemOL.Attachments.Item(i);

Of course, don't forget that VB's collection have the 1 as starting index.

Also each item in Attachments collection have the SaveAsFile method which allow to save an attachment into file on disk. The parameter of SaveAsFile is a desired file name.


I prepeared a small demo application where I included all described tips for MS Outlook programming. You can download this project with sources: (150Kb)

PS: if you'll have some questions or suggestions, please contact me

Published: August 14, 2001

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