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#152: Replace text/font in doc-file

Today I want to show how use an OLE automation for MS Word and replace some text string in any document.

1. you must create OLE object for MS Word application:

WordApp := CreateOLEObject('Word.Application');

2. you must load a document from your file


3. you must specify all parameters for find/replace - text string, range etc

WordApp.Selection.Find.Text := yourStringForSearch;
WordApp.Selection.Find.Replacement.Text := yourNewStringForReplace;

WordApp.Selection.Find.Forward := True;
WordApp.Selection.Find.MatchAllWordForms := False;
WordApp.Selection.Find.MatchCase := Flase;
WordApp.Selection.Find.MatchWildcards := False;
WordApp.Selection.Find.MatchSoundsLike := False;
WordApp.Selection.Find.MatchWholeWord := False;
WordApp.Selection.Find.MatchFuzzy := False;
WordApp.Selection.Find.Wrap := wdFindContinue; 
WordApp.Selection.Find.Format := False;

If you want to change a font instead text, use Font property of WordApp.Selection.Find.Replacement instead Text
In such manner you may set a red background for all 'Adam Smith' strings, for example

4. start a find/replace process

WordApp.Selection.Find.Execute(Replace := wdReplaceAll)

or replace a first occur only:

WordApp.Selection.Find.Execute(Replace := wdReplaceOne);

5. if you want to check if text was found then use Found method:

if WordApp.Selection.Find.Found then
  <do something>

6. save a modified document


7. close MS Word instance

WordApp := Unassigned;

All what you need is to add ActiveX, ComObj units in use-clause and declare such consts and variables:

  wdFindContinue = 1;
  wdReplaceOne = 1;
  wdReplaceAll = 2;

  WordApp: Variant;

Published: May 14, 2003

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