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#3: How can I check the Delphi/C++Builder version?

*	VER70 is Borland Pascal 7.0
*	VER80 is Delphi 1.0
*	VER90 is Delphi 2.0
*	VER93 is BCB++ 1.0
*	VER100 is Delphi 3.0
*	VER110 is BCB++ 3.0
*	VER120 is Delphi 4.0
*	VER125 is BCB++4.0
*	VER130 is Delphi 5.0
*	VER140 is Delphi 6.0
*	VER150 is Delphi 7.0
In program source you can check this value. For example, in sources of TSMDBGrid component I use
the next:

  {$IFDEF VER120}
  I: TColorRef;
  I: Integer;

Published: July 30, 1999

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